Come On Now, Take A Bow

by Felipe Neiva

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released April 27, 2013

Arts by Philippe Meyohas



all rights reserved


Felipe Neiva Niterói, Brazil

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Track Name: In Your Honor
In your honor
I've planted trees
For a thousand years
On my knees

I've begged for peace
And cried in vain
Humiliation is what stands

In the grapevine
In the grapevine
In the grapevine

Danced by myself
So many times
Just forgot how
To be kind

It's been a long time
It's been a long time
It's been a long time
Track Name: Hey
I'm gonna do it the hard way
I'm gonna do as I say
Track Name: Living Together
It ain't about throwing dishes in the sink, oh no
It ain't about he dirty house you know, oh
No it ain't about the mess, oh no
But to live together is more than things
I know
It hurts
Track Name: New
To lock these thoughts inside...
I know you think it's easy...
It's too hard...

Locked inside myself
No one knows
About the threat I've become

I think it's all misunderstood
But I'd explain to you
If I could

You don't know what I've been through
'Til I got here and became something new
You don't know
You don't want to know
Track Name: I Can
What would you say to her
If you knew that I can
I can really foresee
And even understand
You know I can

It's a great thing
We're together
And we're gonna make it
For sure
Track Name: To Know
You don't know what to say
But yes I do
And I'll be fine, thanks...
Yes I do
Care about all the things we'done in a while
Yes I do...
'Cause of you

You don't know what to say
But yes I do
And I'll be fine with all the things you say
Yes I'll be

Yeah I'll be fine with all the things that you'd tell me

Yes I'm free to do whatever I want
Track Name: Rare Type of Weed
Life felt so wrong today
Everything out of its way
But I insist to live
I must be a rare type of weed

Summertime is already passed but I'm still here
Even inside of the storm I've got no fear
See the sun touch the sea
But its light don't reach me